Ichinen Bridport Children session

Ichinen Bridport Children session
Ichinen Bridport Jiu-Jitsu session

05 March 2020

Children train Jiu-Jitsu life skills

Children Jiu-Jitsu class at Ichinen Bridport with master Horst Lindenau and assistant Sam in background
The Jiu-Jitsu training at Bridport martial arts school www.ichinenbridport.com is more than just martial art or self defence. The teaching includes a great part physical body education, getting fit and ready for today's demands. Especially the children need this little extra care in their experience regarding coordination, mental and physical strength, alertness and discipline. It all sounds very easy and honestly, in the old days, let's say 30 years ago it was more common for everybody to develop skills like this just as one grew up. Today we can notice that many find it difficult to built up these standards in normal daily life and upbringing.

That's why out classes incorporate training for endurance, confidence, trust and courage, fighting spirit and fairness. It sounds like a lot but that is what one needs to navigate through later life. Give your child a fair chance to develop good skills and become the best it can. Trial session available after request on 07968-235486. Please call for more information.

24 January 2020

Get international certification of your self defence skills

Get international certification
You are an expert in self defence. You work in the security industry or are a member of a military or police unit.
Now your skills and expertise can be recognized by Black Combat international self defence organisation. Based in the United Kingdom and with its Grand master and president Horst D. Lindenau (German national) you can’t get a better recognition of your very own skills.
All you need to do is to contact HQ email Black Combat headquarters and send in the following details.
Your personal details.
Your detailed CV regarding self defence.
Your personal subject of specializing in the self defence industry.
Black Combat headquarter will get back to you to join you as a member and issue your certificates.

18 January 2020

Come and join us anytime

At Bridport Ichinen martial arts school we don't have special beginner courses or dates to join us. Everybody is welcome to join us at our friendly club. We train Thursdays in Bridport and there is a group for the minors (6-14) and an adult session of 90 minutes.
Meditation is on a Monday morning and to join you have to call first for your arrangements.

22 November 2019

Bridport martial artists with big success

On the 21.11.19 we had a grading day at Ichinen Bridport.
Three of our Jiu-Jitsu children graduated successfully under the examination of master Lewis A. Harris (1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu).
Master Horst D. Lindenau (left) and Master Lewis A. Harris (centre) with the new graduates

Kieran Jones (2. left top) > 4th Kyu Jiu-Jitsu
Alfie Blake (1. left front) > 3rd Kyu Jiu-Jitsu

One of the adult group gained his 4th Kyu too.
Sam Saines (2. right top)

Paul and Lucien been partner for the gradings.

Paul Blake from Bridport graduated as 1st Kyu brown belt Jiu-Jitsu. 
Examiner were master Lewis A. Harris and master Andy Loudon, both 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu.

Partner for the brown belt grading were master Horst D. Lindenau 3rd Dan Jiu-Jitsu and Mark Butt 4th Kyu

Sam Saines got awarded as the martial artist of the month November 2019 for his outstanding performance and support for the school. Congratulations Sam!

02 November 2019

Our black belt grading day in 2019

On October the 31st we held our annual grading day for master degrees at Ichinen Bridport.
This time the event was at the dojo British Legion hall in Bridport and we used our regular training times instead choosing a weekend.

And all went ever so well! The examiners in  the grading panel were happy with the brilliant organisation of the ceremony and the many spectators were presented a well performed run and gradings.

The graduations in detail:

Horst D. Lindenau graduated for 3rd Dan Jiu-Jitsu

Andy Loudon graduated for 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu

Lewis A. Harris graduated for 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu

Steve Reynolds graduated for 1st Dan BlackCombat

Big congratulations to all new masters and big thanks to all members who helped to make this event such a success. Oss!

28 October 2019

Private student required

Master Horst is looking for one more private student to study the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Beginner very welcome, so are advanced martial artists from other disciplines. Use the offer of private lessons and learn the best way you can. Focus on your own development and progress. You deserve it!
Jiu-Jitsu is a traditional Japanese martial art and Master Horst teaches this style since 1989.
Make the first contact via the contact form on this blog.
Yoga, meditation, life coaching and hard core BlackCombat self defence also available.

17 October 2019

Black belt gradings at Ichinen Bridport Jiu-Jitsu

On October the 31st 2019 Ichinen Bridport martial arts school has the official Dan graduations.
As long you are not banned from the club for dishonour or other public offences everybody is warmly welcome to enjoy an evening of brilliantly martial arts skills.

Doors open at 7.00 pm at the British Legion hall in Bridport. Entry is free. No mobile phones or cameras aloud due to peoples protection laws. There will be an official film team from Ichinen Bridport and you can purchase photos or video scenes.

All gradings are under supervision of master Stephen Reynolds (5th Dan) and assistants. all gradings are under the rules of Ichinen Bridport in accordance with the IMASA martial arts organisation.

01 October 2019

The spirit of Ichinen Bridport

* Your training and engagement is shaping you. Therefore have trust in its teaching and if necessary be willing to make sacrifices
* The dojo is the place where you can do so and learn your skills. It shall be an un profane place for you. Show respect as you show respect to your own house.

* Pay homage to your teacher and follow his example and be a guide to your comrades.
* Take advice from higher grades and be patient and helpful to lower grades.

* “Ji ta kyo ei” >>> shall be the advise when training with equal students.
            (“The best for me and the others”)
* “Seirykoku zenhyo” >>> shall lead your training as your life.
            (“The maximum in physical and moral exertion”)

* Care for neat and clean tatami, Gi and your own body.
* Pay respect and great them well, your teacher and the higher grades.

* Defeat the same as victory in fighting shall urge you to perfection. A victory is not a reason for rest.
* Act always according to the ethics of the Jiu-Jitsu and never void its principles.

This is the gate to the Symondsbury Zen garden which was built by Grand master Horst D. Lindenau with the help of his finest students.

11 September 2019

Private lessons - you deserve it - you want it!

Grand master Horst D. Lindenau (6th Dan BlackCombat), Yoga teacher, meditation master and life coach teaches private lessons in Bridport. Over 30 years experience as a teacher and coach, fully equipped own studio, fully insured, DBS approved, member of IMASA, 1st aid trained.

Turn your life around - start doing what you always wanted and >>> you deserve it!

Call/text now on Bridport 07968-235486 for a fist chat. Or use the contact form here on the blog.

30 August 2019

Children are great - They are our future!

Children in Bridport learn at Ichinen Bridport martial art school > confidence > courage > patience > discipline > self control.

Check out if your child is qualified to join the group. We train Thursdays in Bridport. British Legion hall.

Call or text 07986-235486 for more information.

14 August 2019

You don't meet people by accident

You don't meet people by accident. There is always a reason. In this case a lesson might be available for you.
Grand master Horst D. Lindenau (6.Dan BlackCombat, 2.Dan Jiu-Jitsu, Life coach, Meditation master, Yoga teacher) has got two spaces available for private lessons. Teaching can take place at the full equipped Dojo 86 in Bridport or after arrangement at your place if required.

Tuition possible for all ages and private students are entitled for privileged free sessions at all groups and seminars of Jiu-Jitsu.

You can improve your life with learning something new. Physical and mental training will give you new energy and life spirit.

Book your place by texting / ring 07968-235486 or visit Ichinen Bridport on Facebook  www.facebook.com/Ichinenbridport/ and drop a line on messenger.

15 July 2019

Two new master grades at Ichinen Bridport

On 23.06.2019 our member Scott McGregor from Bridport graduated as a 1st Dan BlackCombat. On Thursday the 11.07.2019 Master Lewis A. Harris graduated as a 2nd Dan BlackCombat and both received their precious black belt certificates from Grand master Horst D. Lindenau (6th Dan) during the session on that day.

We like to thank both masters for their hard work and help to continue the expansion of the BlackCombat self defence style. Big congratulations!

15 June 2019

Invest in yourself - take up private tuition

If you live in the Bridport area (Dorset/UK) and you are a keen martial artist, why not consider to have some private lessons with a real Grand master at your home town? Martial arts is more than just one style we start with. Grand master Horst D. Lindenau from Bridport has got 40 years of experience in the martial arts and he has trained many different styles.

You can benefit from his great knowledge in Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Ajukate, Anti-Terrorkampf, Anti Terror Combat, KungFu and last not least the most modern style of BlackCombat if you after real self defence.

Book now your martial arts session in Bridport. Beginners or advanced practitioner welcome.

Call or text 07968-235486

07 June 2019

Get fit in Bridport with martial arts

The Bridport Jiu-Jitsu group trains at the British Legion hall in Victoria Grove. We always happy to welcome you for a taster session. Get and stay fit with martial arts - ring or text 07968-235486 to book your place.

05 June 2019

Martial artist of the month in Bridport

Ichinen Bridport martial artist of the month June 2019 
is our member Dorothy Hudston
4th Kyu orange belt Jiu-Jitsu

Big congratulation from all of us!

02 June 2019

Black belt training

As we are preparing for our upcoming black belt gradings the training times for Jiu-Jitsu adult classes increase as from June 2019 to 9.00 pm now. That gives us more time for our precious goal.

27 May 2019

Martial art training for adults in Bridport

Ichinen Bridport offers qualified martial art lessons for adults.
Our Jiu-Jitsu group meets every Thursday at the dojo British Legion hall, Victoria Grove, Bridport.
Session starts at 7.00 pm and takes 1.5 hours.

Class is suitable for all from about 14 years of age. Our oldest member tho is already 66!
Jiu-Jitsu is very good for health and well being. You learn self defence too!!!

On Sundays we train BlackCombat, which is pure self defence and suitable for those they tale that issue serious. Best self defence you can get. The real stuff taught by 6th Dan diploma sports teacher Grand master Horst D. Lindenau / UK.
Outdoor session self defence in Bridport

14 May 2019

"My way with Jiu-Jitsu" by Master Horst D. Lindenau

You want to be a black belt and grade as first Dan Jiu-Jitsu? You are right here to read what Master Horst has to offer you. His own way with the martial arts will not only encourage you but gives you the practical advice you are looking for.

My book is now available and you can order it on Amazon here "My way with Jiu-Jitsu"

A martial artist for 40 years and former navy captain gives you detailed advice from all over the world and enables you to trigger your inner power and strength to become this black belt yourself. Jiu-Jitsu is one of the oldest traditional Japanese arts of fighting and in this compendium you find its challenges and secrets, its supremacy over other styles and give you the understandings.

This book describes the way you have to conquer and gives you the practicable help to do so. The beginner will be guided through all aspects of Jiu-Jitsu and the advanced student will bring his own studies to the long aimed goal. My way with Jiu-Jitsu describes the very own journey of a man who has been involved into the martial arts from early childhood and travelled 68 countries to collect a wide knowledge of this fine art. The book supplies you with a daily routine schedule and a step by step syllabus to reach your own goal, to become a Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

07 May 2019

Seven most common attacks in Bridport

Ichinen Bridport is the only martial arts school which trains self defence against the seven most common attacks since 5 years now. we believe it does not make much sense to train just any martial arts techniques and ignore the reality in the streets.

Grand master Horst D. Lindenau is not only an expert in real self defence (6th Dan Anti Terror Combat and 6th Dan BlackCombat), he served in the security industry as a SIA registered security officer and as a former captain in the German Navy he knows his skills.

The seven most common attacks according to law enforcement

1. One person pushes, hands to chest, which is normally followed by the pusher striking first, to the head.
2. A swinging punch to the head.
3. A front clothing grab, one handed, followed by punch to the head.
4. A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a head butt.
5. A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a knee to the groin.
6. A bottle, glass, or ashtray to the head.
7. A lashing kick to the groin or lower legs.

You can join Ichinen Bridport martial arts school adult group and train these valuable skills when you live in Bridport area and are over 14 years of age.

Just text 07968-235486 for your first trial session (£10 only for 1.5 hours)