05 July 2017

Most common attacks

What are the most common attacks in a street fight?
To know this would improve the approach in training and skills to learn for real combat and therefore I wonder, why there is not much to find online nowadays.

When I published my first post on that subject three years ago, I first concentrated on the 10 most common attacks. My source than was the official page from UK government / law enforcement. They provided the most 100! common attacks.

Checking out the german government equivalent page I found it was very much the same. The first 10 equaled in 9 of them. Makes sense, 2 arms, 2 legs and similar cultural background.

Unfortunately then I only copied the first 20 common attacks and only bookmarked the more. Shortly after that, the links been broken and since than there is no information available. I wonder why?

If you find more please get in touch.

Master Horst Lindenau demonstrating knife skills

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