17 April 2017

Self defence with Anti Terror Combat

Ranks of Anti Terror Combat
The martial arts are probably the second oldest trade of mankind. And as in any other trade, there were people in leading positions and those they been apprentices. It is only a few decades ago, that people started ranking systems where they called some a master and some others were the disciples and attached them some kind of distinction. As many of the today’s martial arts are originated from ancient Japan, these awards came in form of a belt.

After the WWII, the world of martial arts was flooded with coloured belts. Today we find systems with up to 18 different colour ranks for students and even the master belts had an increase in numbers and design.

Anti Terror Combat decorates the members with a simple and clear, very modern and same time traditional system of belt ranks. A student who joins in new is a white belt. After he managed his knowledge to a qualified and higher level, he will become a brown belt. These two ranks have to be verified by a grading procedure.

Now the member is a fine martial artist, awarded with the rank of a brown belt and demonstrates the skills within the martial arts, specialized in self defence and combat.
The promotion to a master rank is rather a mental issue, a question of character and leadership, experience and honour than a technical requirement. This rank gets awarded from the Anti Terror Combat organisation headquarters in connection with the national presidents of the country of residence.

There are two general ways to obtain a master's degree in Anti Terror Combat. Either one graduates as a brown belt and gets awarded to 1st Dan black belt. Or the aspirant already is a master in a recognized martial arts style and can provide credible proof of sufficient knowledge and skills in the field of self defence. In this case he can get awarded depending on his profile.

The Anti Terror Combat master degree highlights these special skills and performance and gives proof of good practice. This rank is not in any competition with any other existing ranks and the Anti Terror Combat system does not require a specific method of self defence or style. Each martial artist performs in his field. Although Anti Terror Combat provides the latest and most update from the self defence industry worldwide.

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