29 June 2017

What does a grading in martial arts mean to you?

What does a grading in martial arts mean to you? Does a grading just belong to any martial arts or are there styles, they dont do any gradings at all? According to my research, the very most disciplines all over the world do gradings. Although there is a big difference. Traditional asian styles have between 5 and 15 student grades and 6 to 10 master/grandmaster grades. some of the newer styles offer up to 15 student grades and it is obvious, that here it is more money grabbing rather than of any use for the individual.

But these modern invented styles do feed the ego of some. They just want the title and as more as better. There is one Italian "Grand Master" who really holds 36 master grades in his style. Ok, must be a collector or so.

Other systems feed their children force as from the age of 10 with black belts. Of course the parents pay for it and it feeds their ego too.

We here at Ichinen bridport martial arts school keep it serious. We have 5 gradings for students before the master. Master Horst Lindenau, now a teacher and black belt for 28 years is a 2. Dan black belt. And that's about right as the higher grade should be for the real masters of the past and for martial artists they do and have done great for the whole martial art family.

Today we graduated another one of our students. Aaron Mazs ( 40) from Lyme Regis passed his test and is now 3.Kyu Jiu-Jitsu green belt. Congratulations Aaron.

Aaron Mazs from Ichinen Bridport Jiu-Jitsu with teacher Horst Lindenau

You can join this group any Tuesday and Thursday at the regular training. 7.00 - 8.30 pm in Bridport.

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