17 April 2017

Take private martial art tuition and become the one you want


ZzaZza said...

I like to know how much you charge for a lesson?

Horst Lindenau said...

Teaching will be always 1 1/2 hours each lesson and it costs £ 25,
if the training is held at the Bridport Dojo. Anywhere outside Bridport there is a charge for travelling.
Send me a text with email and I post you the complete offer/conditions.

Anonymous said...

25 thats a lot!

Horst Lindenau said...

@ Anonymous
A lot of minutes for £ 25 you mean? Haha, no that was German humor.
Actually if you think this is too much for you, I always do deals.
You can spread our school leaflets. Assist me with various jobs ( children training, cleaning the mats, work on our media stuff and so on) There is no one who hasn't got the money but wants to train is excluded.
Mind you, I know from experience. It is never the money. It is the laziness to get off the settee!

Horst Lindenau said...

Found this on our facebook page >

Beer or Martial Arts
I had a discussion about price with a friend. They told me they would not pay that kind of money to learn martial arts. So I asked why?
"I can’t afford it"
"Ok, so how much beer are you drinking this Friday?"
"Not sure, perhaps 4 cans"
"What about Saturday?"
"Same I reckon, but I go to the pub on Saturdays to watch the game"
"And you do this every week?"
"Pretty much"
"So I’m guessing you spend about £40 a week on beer or £160 a month. But you won’t pay £55 a month for martial arts?"
"Well I like my beer and the match"
"Have them both, but drink less beer and do martial arts. That way your belly gets smaller and you get fitter and should it kick off down the pub you will be able to deal with it"